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FDOS Introduction.
When FDOS public domain was operating it sent out an "introduction leaflet" about the FDOS disks. It told you how to use the disks and what was on them, here is that information.

FDOS Logo Public Domain

It has been a long while since the first FDOS list of Public Domain & Shareware programs. I am sorry to say that I have been rather badly let down by some of my sources in the USA, but have (Hopefully) found more reliable ones, which I hope will enable me to get the next list out much quicker than this one.

As before some disks are not complete, but will still be made available to you at the full price, with a very favourable update policy. Pricing is very simple, being 2 pounds per disk (Unless stated otherwise) inclusive of postage and packaging. Updates to disks whose status is described as NOT COMPLETE are FREE if submitted with an order, otherwise return postage should be sent with the original disk.

If you are unsure of the Status of your own disks, please take a look at the file '-FDOSnnn.DIR' (Where nnn is the disk number). This file is always the first file on the disk. The contents of the file consists of the descriptions of the programs as in the FDOS lists. but may be more up to date. Comparing these files with the contents of the latest printed lists should give you a good idea on how up to date your own collection is.

As before the CP/M LiBRary (Extension is LBR) format is used to store each software package into a single file on disk. It would have been easier to store each file on the disk as it was, but this can lead to some confusion over what program each file belongs to, which in a lot of cases is not very obvious.

Extracting the member files from a LiBRary requires just a single command line to be typed. There are various options available, but you will probably only need to use two of them.

LT30 exactdir *.*

Will type all text files from the file EXACTDIR.LBR to your console, and NOT extract any files.

LT30 exactdir b:*.*

Will extract all files from the file EXACTDIR.LBR to the disk in drive B0: decompressing them also. You should ensure that you have sufficient space on the media you wish to extract to. As a guide the LBR file length + 40% should be available.

I have now created a HELP program on each disk shipped, if you are still unsure of how to extract files, just type HELP followed by RETURN to run it.

Disks I would highly recommend ALL Pro-DOS users to obtain, are FDOS001 (File and Disk Utilities) and FDOS002 (File Compression & Archiving) As these contain programs which (In my opinion) are mandatory for any serious CP/M usage, and also contain alternative programs to LT30 for the processing of LiBRary files.

« Contents of FDOS List 002 »

FDOS Disk : 001 - File & Disk Utilities

ACOPY21A.LBR 42k : Powerful selective COPY program, by attributes etc.
AUTOMENU.LBR 32k : Front end allowing running of COM files from menu.
B29V304 .LBR 84k : NewSweep type file manipulation program.
CERTIFY .LBR 12k : Disk Certification and other utilities.
CLEANUP .LBR  2k : Erase and Type files.
CRC     .LBR  8k : Useful CRC program with different options.
DIRCHK  .LBR  4k : Directory verification program.
DRX     .LBR  8k : Disk Indexer.
DU-V89  .LBR  8k : Low level sector access and manipulation.
EDIT11  .LBR  8k : PIP, ED, DIR all in one!
EXACTDIR.LBR  4k : Extended DIR program.
FBAD70  .LBR 22k : Find and Mark bad sectors.
FILETRAN.LBR  6k : Multiple File copier.
FIP     .LBR 36k : Extremely powerful Copy program.
LRUN23  .LBR 18k : Run COM files from within a LiBRary.
MAINT11 .LBR 22k : Powerful directory maintenance program.
MEGADISK.LBR 34k : DPB's for many CP/M formats.
MS901126.LBR 30k : MaxiSweep Disk maintenance program.
NC      .LBR  6k : NewCopy Backup utility.
NSWP207 .LBR 28k : NewSweep. Father of MaxiSweep.
PASSWORD.LBR  2k : Add password protection to COM files.
PIPE18  .LBR 18k : Fast file copier.
SANDR   .LBR  6k : Search and Replace utility.
SAP     .LBR  8k : Sort and Park Directory in alphabetical order.
SD132   .LBR 66k : SuperDIR MANY features.
SPZ37   .LBR 70k : SuperZap File editor.
UUENCODE.LBR  6k : UUENCODE and DECODE for file transfer on UNIX systems.
WIS103  .LBR 14k : WherelS that file? Searches ALL user areas on all Drives.
XCCP    .LBR 10K : Extended CCP. Command recall etc.
ZX3     .LBR 23K : Extended DIRectories, UNERAse files etc.



FDOS Disk : 002 - File Compressors & Archivers

ARC20C0M.LBR   24k : ARC and UNARC in one program.
ARC50S  .LBR   66k : Macro C Source for ARC 5.0.
CRLZHl1 .LBR  124k : LZHuffman Crunch.
CRUNCH12.LBR   48k : Crunch V1.2.
CRUNCH22.LBR   44k : " " V2.2.
CRUNCH23.LBR   24k : " " V2.3.
DEARC-PM.LBR   28k : Unarc + Turbo Pascal source.
FCRLZH1l.LBR   58k : LZHuffman Crunch with full sources.
LHRD    .LBR   24k : LHArc extractor.
LRIU23  .LBR   18k : Run COM files from within a LBR (Also on 001).
LT29    .LBR   14k : LT29 LBR extractor. Handles LZH encoding.
LT30    .LBR   56k : As above but later version.
MAINT11 .LBR   22k : Directory maintenance (Also on 001).
TYPELZ21.LBR   34k : Types members from a LZH file.
UNARC16 .LBR   38k : Unarc V1.6.
UNZIP   .LBR   12k : Unzip PKZIP archives.
UNZIP099.LBR   16k : Another Unzipper.
ZIPDIR11.LBR   20k : Displays members of ZIP file.


FDOS Disk : 003 - Programming (ASM)

Rev 1.

CPM22APP.LBR 36k : Application notes for CP/M 2.2
DZ-NOV86.LBR 92k : Dazzlestar Disassembler *Amazing*
LOOK    .LBR  2k : Searches TPA for any byte pattern.
MLOAD24 .LBR 22k : HEX Load utility.
NDDT    .LBR 10k : Dynamic debugging tool.
PRETTY23.LBR 30k : Tidies your source files.
RESOURCE.LBR 20k : 8080 Disassembler.
REZ80   .LBR  6k : Z80 version of above.
XIZI-3  .LBR 20k : Z80 & gt; 8080 & 8080 & gt; Z80 Source converters.
Z1      .LBR 24k : Z80 Assembler.
ZASM    .LBR 34k : Probably the best Z80 Assembler.

Rev 2.

PROBE   .LBR 20k : Displays various system attributes.
SIDPLS  .LBR 20k : Enhanced debugging tool.
ZDA     .LBR 10K : Very Good Z80 Disassembler of Dutch Origin.

Rev 3.

BITMAT  .LBR  6k : Bit manipulation routines in Z80.
DISZ80  .LBR 10k : Z80 dissasembler (With bonus program by same author).
LIDS    .LBR  6k : Useful source for CP/M routines.
PROLINK .LBR 50k : Enhanced Linker.


FDOS Disk : 004 - Communications.

KERMIT  .LBR 36k : Turbo Pascal source for Kermit.
ZMO-SAMI.LBR 14k : Pro-DOS Overlays for ZMP15.LBR.
ZMP15   .LBR 86k : Zmodem Comms. Use above files to Configure.

Rev 2

MAILUT  .LBR 22k : UUCP mailboxes tools.
RCPM0492.LBR 34k : List of Remote CP/M systems as of April 1992.
RCPMSC  .LBR  6k : Program to browse the above file.
ZBBS    .LBR 58k : Remote CP/M source code in BASIC.


FDOS Disk : 005 - Text Processing.

Rev 1

BRADFORD.LBR 52k : Superb NLQ Utility for Cheapo Dot Matrix printers.
CHEKPAIR.LBR  4k : Checks Wordstar files.
CRTIDY  .LBR 10k : Converts LF only files to CR LF.
DISPLAY .LBR  4k : Text file viewer. Backwards, forwards etc etc.
FIG15   .LBR 18k : Analyses the readability of your documents.
FILT7   .LBR  6k : Removes various unwanted control codes from text files.
LIST    .LBR  4k : Pagenate text files. Similar to PRINT.LBR
MASTER  .LEX 18k : Master Word List for WORDSPEL.LBR
MORE15  .LBR  8k : Text file viewer. but needs hacking!
NEAT7   .LBR  6k : Tidies up Assembler source files.
NULLKILL.LBR  4k : Removes NULs from text files.
PASTE3  .LBR  8k : Joins text files side by side.
PCP15   .LBR  8k : Printer Control Program for Epson printers.
PEEP13  .LBR  8K : Another Text file viewer. Very good.
P0W     .LBR 16k : Processor Of Words. Justifys etc etc.
PRINT   .LBR  4k : Pagenates Text files to printer.
ROFF4-16.LBR 62k : Text Formatter for Technical Documents.
SANDR   .LBR  6k : Search & Replace utility.
SEARCH22.LBR 24k : Searches Files for ANY Text. Very Good.
TIDYEOF .LBR  6k : Remove junk from end of text files. NULs etc.
TRANSLIT.LBR  8k : Search and Replace utility.
VDE266A .LBR 74k : Very good word processor. Father of ZDE.
WORDSPEL.LBR 18k : Poor mans Spell checker and other utils.
ZDE16   .LBR 48k : Even better Word processor.
ZDEDOCS .LBR 34k : and it's documentation.

Rev 2

BRAD2A  .LBR 114k : Version 2 of Bradford. Much improved.
BRAD2B  .LBR  78k : Even more fonts for Bradford 2.
DB211   .LBR  12k : Prints pages side by side.
PRNXT16 .LBR  26k : Convert text files to COM files +MORE.



FDOS Disk : 006 - Programming (High Level).

BASIC5  .LBR  46K : Hampshire BASIC Interpreter.
EBASIC  .LBR  28K : BASIC Compiler. Uses Transient Runtime Interpreter.
FORTH83 .LBR 144k : Very good FOIZTH83.
JRTPAS30.LBR 260k : Turbo Pascal clone.
LISP    .LBR  56k : LISP Interpreter.
ZSC     .LBR 114k : Z80 Small C Compiler.



FDOS Disk : 007 - Games.

ADVENT  .LBR  58k : Text based Adventure Game.
ALIENS  .LBR  20k : Space Invaders. Actually quite impressive.
BAMBI   .LBR  34k : This must be a joke!!
GOLF    .LBR  20k : Text based Golf Game.
PACMAN95.LBR  24k : Another impressive game. Obviously PACMAN!
QUATRIS .LBR  26k : CP/M Version of TETRIS.

Rev 2

MCHASE  .LBR  34k : Maze Chase.

Rev 3

C-GAMES .LBR  70k : Two games written in C. DUMPSTAR is a
horizontal Shoot em Up!, and TZ (Twilight Zone) is a text adventure. (Ignore Error message in TZ it's Hard Coded as a joke!)
CMAZE   .LBR  16K : Maze Game written in C (Source included).
GAME40  .LBR 126k : Adventure creation system (With Examples)
GAMES-22.LBR  82K : 22 Games written in BASIC.
LADDER  .LBR  32k : Reasonable Crazy Kong type game.
LADUP   .LBR   8k : New Screens for Ladder. Requires some
patching to enable use with the Pro-DOS batch processor.
LOSTGOLD.LBR  10k : Text Adventure (Requires MBASIC).
PACPER20.LBR  26k : Another PacMan (PacPerson!) Quite good.
QUEST   .LBR   6k : Text Adventure (Requires MBASIC).
ROGUE   .LBR  26k : Dungeon game
SURVIVAL.LBR  16k : Text Adventure.
WAFFLE  .LBR  40k : Waffle generator. Good fun!
ZCHESS  .LBR   6k : Simply Chess!
ZING    .LBR   6K : Amusing bouncing ball game.



FDOS Disk : 008 - High level Languages Disk 2.

BCOMPIL .LBR 86k : BASIC Compiler. Produces 8080 Source code.
Requires MBASIC and a RMAC compatible assembler. Does not always work 100%
GRAPH  .LBR   8k : Z80 source for graph printing routine for use
within Microsoft BASIC or FORTRAN.
LLLBASIC.LBR 50k : Lawrence Livermore Basic. For educational use
so includes source code.
MBASIC  .LBR 94k : MBASIC BASIC interpreter (With large Manual).
MBASIC  .MOD  2k : Info of mods to MBASIC to enable correct
DELETE key operation.
TINYBAS .LBR 16k : A version of Wang Palo Alto TinyBasic with
example program.



FDOS Disk : 009 - Text Processing Disk 2.

ANYCOD  .LBR 16k : Patches for wordstart (For Epson printers).
HELP-V20.LBR 30k : Utility to create online help files.
JUSTIFY .LBR 26k : Fully Justify text files. (By the late Irv Hoff)
MRGTUT  .LBR 28k : MailMerge tutorial for WordStar.
NLQ     .LBR 52k : NLQ program, with font creation/editing tools.
PRINT   .LBR 12k : Text file printer.
Pagenates & includes source in both 8080 and Z80.
PRINTIT .LBR 84k : Yet another NLQ program for cheap printers.
PTXT16  .LBR 26k : Create COM files which display your text file.
HELP.COM was created with this package.
ZDEMAC  .LBR  4k : Useful macros for ZDE wordprocessor.
ZDEPRN  .LBR  2k : Printer definitions for ZDE.
ZIPP    .LBR 12k : Joins up to 7 text files side by side.
(C source included).


FDOS Disk : 010 - File & Disk Utilities 2.

CL10    .LBR 26k : Program to compact dead space in LiBraRys.
DIRR7   .LBR 38k : Sorted Directory program by Irv Hoff.
FE-IBM  .LBR 46k : File Executive IBM. Reads IBM format disks.
Set up for 3.5" 720K format. Shareware (Unregistered version will only copy files of 2K or less) Querk! DIR the CP/M drive first else it seems to not copy the files.
FIRE12  .LBR 56k : Excellent disk De-Fragmenter.
LU300   .LBR 24k : The original LiBraRy utility.
Includes document describing the formal definition of the standard.
MAINSR  .LBR 74k : Z80 source for the fabulous MAINT11 utility.
NULU15  .LBR 62k : Forgot this classic on FDOS002! Processes LiBraRys etc.
UNZIP15 .LBR 24k : Unzip version 1.5. Much improved.



FDOS Disk : 011 - Database Applications.

DATA206 .LBR 38k : Simple database in BASIC.
LOOKUP  .LBR  4k : Telephone Number Database.
ROLODEXI.LBR 18k : Rolodex Card index programs for DBASE.


FDOS Disks

FDOS Disks.