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Comet is a Z80 Assembler with a full screen editor I wrote in 1991/92.
Below the contents of the diskimage. Click on the highlighted files for online viewing

Comet v1.8 Disk Contents ...

  1: auto COMET  Sam Basic  23765,5063		Comet loader
  2: COMET.COD   Code       36921,12231 	Comet code
  3: COMET INST  Sam Basic  23765,3653		configuration/installer
  4: Text    .S  Code       393216,42033	Comet info
  5: LM con.COD  Code       31744,779		Lerm assembler converter code
  6: LM convert  Sam Basic  23765,1335	 	Lerm assembler converter loader
  7: SC_con.COD  Code       32768,5510		SC_assembler converter code
  8: SC_convert  Sam Basic  23765,1694		SC_assembler converter loader
  9: MDATdemo.S  Code       393216,1076		Demo source demonstrating the use of MDAT
 10: square  .S  Code       393216,578		Demo source drawing squares
 11: square I.S  Code       393216,502		Demo source include file
 12: square2 .S  Code       458752,855		Demo source using include
 13: comet   .s  Code       393216,56949	Comet v1.8 source
 14: CHARDATA    Code       96768,1536		Comet font in mode3 data format
 15: ltran   .S  Code       98304,4560		Lerm assembler converter source
 16: ttran   .S  Code       98304,4514		SPECTRUM Tornado assembler converter source
 17: sctran  .S  Code       98304,20606		SC_assembler converter source
 18: T convert   Sam Basic  23765,1265		SPECTRUM Tornado assembler converter loader
 19: T con.COD   Code       31744,771		SPECTRUM Tornado assembler converter code
 20: ROMex   .S  Code       393216,1582		SAMROM 3.0 overlay source
 21: farrow  .S  Code       393216,3152		mouse pointer demo source
 22: mousy   .S  Code       393216,3544		mouse demo sourcecode
 23: GetKeys .S  Code       393216,898		simple readkeys demo source

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