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BDOS - Advanced DOS


B-DOS Is an improved SAMDOS. B-DOS was mainly written to use with a harddisk (using the ATOM internal hard disk interface). However B-DOS can also be used without a hard disk but it only works with one diskdrive.

some B-DOS features:

  • Faster verify (as fast as loading).
  • VERIFY AT sector command
  • Faster FORMAT (Formating a disk takes about 66 seconds).
  • Disks can be named with a 16 character name (file names not).
  • Date stamping (Both DALLAS and SAMBUS clock).
  • Hard Disc Support

    BDOS works with ATOM IDE harddisk interface and supports harddisks up to 8 Gb.
    To make using a hard disk as user friendly as possible. The harddisk works like a virtual second diskdrive. The storagecapacity of a harddisk is devided into 800K blocks. Such a 800K block is called a record and has the same format as a floppydisk. (10 sectors per track, 80 tracks and 2 sides).


    I stoped working on BDOS for sometime now and the latest version available I made is BDOS v1.5a.
    Martijn Groen continued adding features to BDOS which also supports the use of a IDE CD-ROM Drive.

    BDOS diskimage

    I've compilated a disk image containing all BDOS related stuff including source code.
    Use Winzip or pkunzip to extract the diskimage from the zip archive and then use samdisk to copy this diskimage to a formatted SAM disk.

    You can also view a online version of the highlighted files by clicking on them.

    B-DOS v1.5a Disk Contents ...

      1: B-DOS15a    Code       32777,10191		Bootable DOS code
      2: Formatter   Sam Basic  23765,1313		Formats a harddisk
      3: MakeBoot    Sam Basic  23765,5252		Makes a harddisk bootable
      4: MakeBoot.C  Code       48640,501		harddisk bootsector code
      5: Makeboot.T  Code       32768,3215		makeboot info text
      6: Backup      Sam Basic  23765,1569		1 to 1 record copier
      7: BDOSinfo    Sam Basic  23765,1144		Bdos info text loader
      8: BDOSINFO.T  Code       49152,29921		Bdos info text
      9: HDBOOT  .T  Code       49152,4571		harddisk boot configure info
     10: HDBOOT      Sam Basic  23765,1142		harddisk boot configure program
     11: HD2disk     Sam Basic  23765,1427		1 to 1 record to floppy copier
     12: Trans       Sam Basic  23765,2358		Master/slave record copier
     13: DIR$        Sam Basic  23765,679		Gets a directory in a string
     14: Mover       Sam Basic  23765,1642		Simple record mover
     15: FindFree    Sam Basic  23765,1127		Finds unused records
     16: Auto        Sam Basic  23765,853		Bdos infotext loader
     17: ScrViewer   Sam Basic  23765,875		Slide show of screens in all records
     18: bdos14d .S  Code       278528,90904	BDOS v1.4d sourcecode
     19: HDB ROM .S  Code       393216,2961		harddisk bootrom overlay sourcecode
     20: bootsect.S  Code       393216,3827		bootsector source code
     21: Bdos14e .S  Code       278528,91318	BDOS v1.4e sourcecode
     22: BDOS15a .S  Code       278528,92671	Last BDOS version sourcecode
     23: HDB ROM     Code       32768,32768		32K harddisk bootrom ROM image
     24: hdload  .S  Code       278528,2772		load from harddisk Example source

    SAM Floppy Download the BDOS diskimage

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