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The Sam Coupé Computer
The SAM Coupé Computer

The information included in this archive is provided as a restoration and preservation project. As my Pro-DOS Manual has started to fall apart, disks have become harder to load, and my SAM Coupé has also become a little temperamental it was time to take action. Now with the new emulation software now from many talented programmers its very easy to use this software, which would otherwise be, lost forever.

**** Update May 2014 Pro-Dos V2 ****
**** From Chris Pile ****
  • Pro-DOS v2.0 - Features
  • Better CP/M 2.2 compatibility
  • Up to eight simultaneously visible disk drives - Drives A:through to H:
  • Compact Flash support using the ATOM-Lite (right-hand drive bay)
  • Dual CF adapter support in the ATOM-Lite - seen as two separate drives
  • MMC/SD/SDHC flash support using Quazar's Trinity Ethernet Interface
  • 100% compatible with the AL-Patch format
  • Pro-DOS can optionally boot from its own format 720k CP/M disks
  • If your SAM has an AL-BOOT ROM Pro-DOS can also boot from CF cards
  • Up to 64-Gigabytes (65535 logical disks) on CF/MMC/SD/SDHC cards
  • Will use any external RAM packs to provide up to four 1MB RAM Drives
  • Improved performance, with particular attention paid to screen output
  • More accurate Heath/Zenith H19/Z19/DEC VT52 terminal emulation
  • Better command-line editing functions
  • Command-line can accept user areas - so DIR A4:*.COM is valid
  • Can simultaneously change drives and user areas at the command prompt
  • MS-DOS-like command history buffer for the eight most recent commands
  • Retro green-screen look with funky flashing cursor - changeable of course!
  • Will save/restore your chosen screen colours to/from the Trinity EEPROM
  • System bell sound makes a better "ding" and no longer pauses the system
  • The DIR command now outputs in alphabetically sorted columns
  • Better memory use to allow v2.0 to retain v1.9's internal RAM Drive sizes
  • A large (63238 byte) Transient Program Area for external programs
  • The separate system files disk used by v1.9 is no longer required
  • All system files are pre-installed to the internal RAM Drive at boot
  • COPY and DUMP commands are now built-in, and not external programs
  • All internal commands accept wildcards, including REName and COPY
  • Ability to software-swap a pair of drives, so A:can be B:and vice versa
  • FATREAD.COM for importing files from PC formatted FAT12/16/32 media

It's great to see the program again, and also great to see people such as yourself keeping history alive. - Chris Pile - 1st December 2004 [Author of Pro-DOS].

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